Hotkeys 1.3.3

Keyboard Shortcuts for efficient rigging and animating

Maya gives users a great way to optimise our 3d pipeline. If you find yourself spending a lot of time scanning through Maya’s menu items for frequently used commands, you should definitely consider using the Hotkeys. It includes keyboard shortcuts that all serious users should have.


F1 – Channel Box Toggle (ws_channelBoxTGL)
F2 – Attribute Editor Toggle (ws_attributeEditorTGL)
F3 – Tool Settings Toggle (ws_toolSettingsTGL)
F4 – Show Outlilner (ws_outliner)

F5 – Sets your project path based on your currently open scene (ws_projectDetect)
F6 – Wireframe (ws_wireframe_TGL)
F7 – Wireframe On Shaded Toggle (ws_wireframeOnShaded)
F8 – Switch between Object selection and last Component selection (SelectToggleMode)

F9 – Change your animation playback speed to 100% (ws_SpeedNormal)
F10 – Change your animation playback speed to 50% (ws_speedQuarter)
F11 – Change your animation playback speed to 25% (ws_speedHalf)
F12 – Set and save Maya preferences (PreferencesWindow)

1 – Joints Toggle (ws_jointsTGL)
2 – Handles Toggle (ws_handlesTGL)
3 – Nurbs Toggle (ws_nurbsTGL)
4 – Geometry Toggle (ws_geometryTGL)
5 – Blend Shape Editor (ws_blendShapeWindow)
6 – Enter Maya Embedded Language (MEL) commands (ScriptEditor)
7 – Graph Editor (ws_graphEditorTGL)
8 – Make connections between object attributes (ConnectionEditor)
9 – Edit deformer set membership (DeformerSetEditor)
0 – Display and edit connections in shading networks (HypershadeWindow)
– Display and edit relationships among nodes in your scene (NodeEditorWindow)
= – Paint weights on smooth bound skins (ArtPaintSkinWeightsTool)

Q – Select tool (SelectTool)
W – Select object(s) or component(s) to move (MoveTool)
E – Select object(s) or component(s) to rotate (RotateTool)
R – Select object(s) or component(s) to scale (ScaleTool)
T – Show manipulator tool (ShowManipulators)
Y – Game Fbx Exporter (ws_gameFbxExporter)
U – Hud Toggle (ws_hudTGL)
I – Toggle isolate select in active panel (ToggleIsolateSelect)
O – Open a scene (OpenScene)
P – Parent the selected object(s) to the last selected object (Parent)
[ – Remove Inbetween (ws_removeInbetween)
] – Add Inbetween (ws_addInbetween)

A – Select All Controls (ws_selectAllCtrls)
S – Select object(s) to key (SetKey)
D – Select hierarchy (SelectHierarchy)
F – Fit selection in active panel (FrameSelected)
G – Toggle the grid visibility (ToggleGrid)
H – Visibility Toggle (ws_visibilityTGL)
J – Click to place joint, click on existing joint to add to skeleton, click/drag to position joint (JointTool)
K – Activate virtual Time Slider (TimeDraggerToolActivate)
L – Lights Toggle (ws_lightsTGL)
; – Display rendering image (RenderViewWindow)
\ – Count Objects (ws_countObjects)

Z – Undo the last action (Undo)
X – Toggle local rotation axis visibility (ToggleLocalRotationAxes)
C – Go to min frame (GoToMinFrame)
V – Toggle playback On/Off (ws_play)
B – Cycle the background color from dark to light (CycleBackgroundColor)
N – Create a new scene (NewScene)
M – Open a command shell window to enter MEL commands one line at a time (CommandShell)
, – Go to previous key (PreviousKey)
. – Go to next key (NextKey)
/ – Set playback range start and end accordingly keys on selection (ws_setTimeRangeMinMax)

ALT + F1 – Autodesk Maya Help
ALT + F6 – Default Lightning Toggle (dR_defLightTGL)
ALT + F7 – Wireframe Toggle (ws_wireframeTGL)

ALT + 1 – Perspective Cam (dR_viewPersp)
ALT + 2 – Front Cam (dR_viewFront)
ALT + 3 – Right Cam (dR_viewRight)
ALT + 4 – Top Cam (dR_viewTop)
ALT + 5 – Create, edit and manager pose space deformations (PoseEditor)

ALT + Q – Seamless IK/FK (ws_ikfk)
ALT + W – Move IK handle to FK joint location: select an IK handle or IK/FK connected object. (MoveIKtoFK)
ALT + R – Edit the references for the current scene (ReferenceEditor)
ALT + P – Set Surface Pick Mask Toggle (ws_surfacePickMaskTGL)
ALT + E – Select a joint to orient (ws_orientJoint)

ALT + A – Toggle between FK and IK mode for current selection (ToggleFkIk)
ALT + S – Select object(s) for which to set a breakdown key (maintains a proportional relationship with adjacent keys) (SetBreakdownKey)
ALT + D – Custom Pivot Tool (dR_customPivotTool)
ALT + J – Select Skinned Joints (ws_selectSkinnedJoints)
ALT + ; – Change rendering attributes (RenderGlobalsWindow)

ALT + X – X Ray Joints Toggle (ws_xRayJointsTGL)
ALT + C – Toggle snap to point (SnapToPoint)
ALT + V – Toggle snap to grid (SnapToGrid)
ALT + , – Move backward one frame in time (PreviousFrame)
ALT + . – Move forward one frame in time (NextFrame)

CMD + I – Add the file to the current scene (Import)

CTRL + I – Point constraint options (PointConstraintOptions)
CTRL + O – Orient constraint options (OrientConstraintOptions)
CTRL + P – Parent constraint options (ParentConstraintOptions)

CTRL + S – Save the current scene (SaveScene)
CTRL + D – Duplicate the selected object(s) (Duplicate)
CTRL + G – Group the selected object(s) (Group)

CTRL + ALT + S – Color Code Keyframe
CTRL + SHIFT + S – Increment the current file name by one, save the file with this new name and keep it open. The original file will be unchanged. (IncrementAndSave)

SHIFT + F1 – Execute Rigger Plugin (ws_riggerStart)
SHIFT + F2 – Execute Selector Plugin (ws_selector)
SHIFT + F3 – Execute Rig Export Converter Plugin (ws_RigExportConverter)

SHIFT + F9 – Create, edit and save hotkeys (HotkeyPreferencesWindow)
SHIFT + F12 – Load or automatically load plug-ins (PluginManager)

SHIFT + 1 – Low quality display setting (LowQualityDisplay)
SHIFT + 2 – High quality display setting (HighQualityDisplay)

SHIFT + A – Toggle the shelf on/off (ToggleShelf)
SHIFT + Q – Reset Pose (ws_reset)
SHIFT + W – Reset Translate (ws_resetTranslate)
SHIFT + E – Reset Rotate ws_resetRotate
SHIFT + R – Reset Scale ws_ResetScale
SHIFT + P – Unparent the selected object(s) (Unparent)
SHIFT + S – Delete Key (ws_timeSliderClearKey)
SHIFT + Z – Redo the last undone action (Redo)
SHIFT + , – Shrink the selected region along the polygon surface (ShrinkPolygonSelectionRegion)
SHIFT + . – Grow the selected region along the polygon surface (GrowPolygonSelectionRegion)


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