Rig Export Converter 1.0.3

Using Rig Export Converter you can exchange animation data and complex character rigs between Maya and game engines (Unity, Cry Engine, etc.).

To prepare your rig for exporting select a character’s model and click “Convert”. Rig Export Converter will generate a new skeleton for clean exporting. Now select the model with new joints and export the rig to any format.

Are your characters doing weird scale things coming from Maya? Since some game engines not support scale compensate, any joint hierarchy you use in Maya with scale compensate looks wrong. But there is no limitation for the scale compensate setting with the Rig Export Converter plug-in.

Release History

“Select Skinned Joints” menu added.
“Export Selection…” menu added.
Joints duplicated more precisely and accurately.
The details of converting are displayed in script editor.

First Public Release


2 thoughts on “Rig Export Converter 1.0.3

  1. Hi,
    I will really love to see a video demonstration of your script ! Is there any way to define how many bones I want in the converted skeleton ?

    1. Hi! Rig Export Converter just re-creates every joint skinned to geometry and automatically connects new joints to the skin cluster, so no additional skinning required. But you can manage a new skeleton whatever you want (it is now free from locators, ik’s and so on). PS: New videos coming soon. Thanks.

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