Rigger 1.7.8 for Autodesk Maya 2014-2017

Create animator friendly rigs in minutes!

Rigger includes the most essential techniques for character setup: Forward Kinematics (FK), Inverse Kinematics (IK) and Spline Inverse Kinematics (Spline IK).

Build the skeleton and get a ready-to-animate character.
Packed with high quality modules.

Suitable for any type of characters.

Key Features

You can pose and animate the joints of a joint chain using both FK and IK. Ik Blend attribute lets you switch between posing and animating with pure FK or pure IK, as well as control the blend between the two kinds of animation.
Rigger will automate the task of making a joint chain stretchy. With this option the joint chain will stretch when the ik handle is pulled beyond its maximum length.
It is very important to have a scalable rig that fits into your environment. Rigger automatically creates ready-to-scale modules.
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"After developing the popular Qiq Tools and Punk Rig, I was still looking for the optimal way to setup the characters. I created more than three hundred rigs, before I finally released Rigger."
Nikolay Kurakin


Animation Test

Soft Deformation Test

Rigger Bonus Tools

The following tools are free for all Rigger users.

Keyboard Shortcuts for professional rigging and animation in Maya.

An universal character picker.