Selector 1.4.8.

Universal character picker. The Selector allows you to quickly select your character controls, flip or mirror poses, seamlessly switch kinematics (IK / FK) and rotating spaces, set and delete keys. Multiple characters support. Useful for an animation stage.

For Autodesk Maya 2024, 2023, 2022, 2020 and 2019.

Release History
Selector 1.4.8.
Added: Seamless IK / FK on stretchable chains.
Selector 1.4.7.
Added: IK / FK > Use IK in the frame range. Turns on inverse kinematics for the selected frame range. Allows you to edit motion capture using inverse kinematics.

Selector 1.4.6.
Fixed: IK / FK. The twist attribute was incorrectly calculated in some cases.
Added: Reset > Reset Limb. Allows you to reset the pose for the IK chain in place.
Added: All > Select Root IK Handles. Moving the root IK handles does not change the character’s pose. If the handle has a Space attribute with a non-null value, then this control is not selected.

Selector 1.4.4.
Added: Twist + Pole Vector Invert Settings
Added: Rotate Invert Settings
Fixed: Reset / Mirror / Flip of ikHandles (include scale and rotate attributes).

Selector 1.4.2.
You can now use the mirroring and flipping features in your rig without changing the orientation of the bones. Global settings for inverting the axes of movement and rotation have been added, as well as the ability to add individual attributes for correct mirroring. For example, if the rotation of the arm is not mirrored correctly, then add the invert rotation attributes and tune the axis. Now the Selector will ignore the global settings for inverting the axes, and will use the created ones.

Added: Invert Translate Settings
Added: Invert Rotate Settings
Added: Buttons ‘Add’ ‘Del’ ‘Show’ ‘Hide’ Mirror Attributes

Selector 1.4.1.
Now the rotation spaces can be switched seamlessly. Plus, the Rigger’s
Biped Template pose is flipping correctly including the extra red IK Spline
controls (since Rigger 2.7.0) .

Added: Seamless ‘Space Switch’ button
Added: Space Switch > Key Offsets menu
Fixed: Biped Template > Mirroring IK Spline extra controls.

Selector 1.3.9.
Fixed: Mirroring and Flipping center controls.

Selector 1.3.7.
Added: Rotate Settings > Gimbal.
Added: Delete All Keys for selection (Delete Key > right-click menu).

Selector 1.3.5.
Changed: Reset. The reset function has been completely rewritten. Now you can return the position of the IK handles to the neutral position during animation.
Added: View > Rotate Settings…

Selector 1.2.9.
Fixed: Mirror and Flip IK Handles.
Fixed: Mirror and Flip Scale attributes.
Modified: Reset – If nothing is selected then reset all controllers of the character.
Modified: Mirror – If nothing is selected then mirror the whole pose.
Modified: Flip – If nothing is selected then flip the whole pose.
Added: Settings – Flip Translate Axes: X, Y, Z.
Fixed: Works with Rigger Quadruped template (since 2.5.5).


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  1. Do I need to rename the bones properly to use Selector? Or it’s based on the structure of the bones?

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