Rigger 2.9.3. Released

Added: Biped Template > Added an additional controller for bending the back using rotation (spine_mid_ctrl).
Added: Biped Template > New rotating space for head_ik control: spine_fk_ctrl.
Modified: Biped Template > All tip joints are now locked by default after Finalization.
Fixed: Biped Template > Rotating the left leg in Windows caused the IK Spline to rotate incorrectly in some cases.
Fixed: Biped Template > The central spine controllers are now properly mirrored using the Selector.

Rigger 2.9.3.

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Selector 1.4.6. Released

Fixed: IK / FK. The twist attribute was incorrectly calculated in some cases.
Added: Reset > Reset Limb. Allows you to reset the pose for the IK chain in place.
Added: All > Select Root IK Handles. Moving the root IK handles does not change the character’s pose. If the handle has a Space attribute with a non-null value, then this control is not selected.

Selector 1.4.6.

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Rigger 2.9.1. Released

Minor biped template improvements.

  • Fixed: Rotation space of l_arm_ctrl and r_arm_ctrl.
  • Modified: To avoid flipping in some cases the rotation order of the l_arm_ctrl and r_arm_ctrl controls has been set to xyz by default.
  • Modified : The spine control handles have been moved to the sides for better selection.

Rigger 2.9.2.

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