Rigger is updated to 1.7.5

What’s new in Rigger 1.7.5:

  • Minimalistic switchable UI.
  • Postfix and initial pose of a control object is added automatically.
  • Spline IK is attached to the IK chain automatically.
  • Orient joint tool is redesigned.
  • Squash & stretch constraint is added.
  • Added a new control type: Bone.
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    Rigger is updated to 1.7.0

    What’s new in Rigger 1.7.0:

    • New method of twisting Spline IK joints (non flipping solution).
    • Make IK Stretchy menu item added.
    • Save Initial Pose & Delete Initial Pose menu items added.
    • Extended UI.
    • Colors window for quick Drawing Overrides added.
    • Create Select Set function added.
    • All effector’s attributes are locked by default.
    • Settings not saving fixed.
    • Duplicate Joint function added.
    • Freeze Transformations menu item added.
    • Split Joints and Rename windows rebuild.
    • Settings: Group Postfix & Controller Postfix added.
    • Deform menu item added.
    • Constrain options added (FK Settings).
    • Center Pivot to World menu item added.
    • Group function added.
    • IK & FK color chooser fixed.
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