Rigger is updated to 1.7.5

What’s new in Rigger 1.7.5:

  • Minimalistic switchable UI.
  • Postfix and initial pose of a control object is added automatically.
  • Spline IK is attached to the IK chain automatically.
  • Orient joint tool is redesigned.
  • Squash & stretch constraint is added.
  • Added a new control type: Bone.
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    Rigger is updated to 1.7.0

    What’s new in Rigger 1.7.0:

    • New method of twisting Spline IK joints (non flipping solution).
    • Make IK Stretchy menu item added.
    • Save Initial Pose & Delete Initial Pose menu items added.
    • Extended UI.
    • Colors window for quick Drawing Overrides added.
    • Create Select Set function added.
    • All effector’s attributes are locked by default.
    • Settings not saving fixed.
    • Duplicate Joint function added.
    • Freeze Transformations menu item added.
    • Split Joints and Rename windows rebuild.
    • Settings: Group Postfix & Controller Postfix added.
    • Deform menu item added.
    • Constrain options added (FK Settings).
    • Center Pivot to World menu item added.
    • Group function added.
    • IK & FK color chooser fixed.
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    Rigger is updated to 1.5.7

    Hey. Rigger is getting better and better! After much testing i have done a few things to improve and speed up the rigging of characters in Maya. In the near future we can expect much more features and detailed tutorials on new development principles of 3d animation. Stay in Touch!

    What’s new in Rigger 1.5.7

  • ‘Find joints with non zero rotations’ function added.
  • ‘Split Joint’ function now works on every bone selected.
  • Automatic ‘connect2ikfk’ (for ik system).
  • ‘Skeleton’, ‘Skin’ and ‘Constrain’ menus rebuild.
  • FK button works as ‘Joint Tool’ (when nothing selected).
  • Scale X,Y and Z can be disconnected separately from stretchy ik system.
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