Rigger 2.5.8. Released

  • Fixed: Biped // Error: line 6228: The source attribute ‘l_hand_ctrl_quatToEuler.outputRotateX’ cannot be found.
  • Fixed: Biped // Warning: Cycle on ‘*.scale’ may not evaluate as expected.
  • Fixed: Biped. Attributes that should not change during the placement of the skeleton guide are locked.
  • Modified: Smart Bind button. When nothing is selected, the Bind Skin Options window opens.
  • Modified: Biped. The menu for creating body parts has been moved to the Template Settings window.
  • Fixed: // Warning: Redeclaration of variable “$numOfJnt”
  • Fixed: // Warning: Redeclaration of variable “$sel”

Rigger 2.5.8.

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