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FK, IK and Spline IK

With FK, you rotate or move individual joints to pose and animate your joint chains. Moving a joint affects that joint and any joints below it in the hierarchy.
With IK, you move an IK handle to pose an entire joint chain. An IK handle is an object you can select and move that affects the joints it is assigned to.
Use spline IK for posing and animating long, sinuous joint chains like those for tails, tentacles, snakes, necks, spines, and similar objects.


Control Objects

1. Prepare the model for rigging.

2. Create a skeleton.

3. Use Rigger to create inverse kinematics chains.

4. Skin the model.

The Selector allows you to quickly select your character controls, flip or mirror poses, switch kinematics (IK / FK), quickly create and delete keys, copy and paste poses.

1. Prepare the model for rigging

2. Create a skeleton

3. Adjust the orientation of the bones to your liking or use the default settings.

3. Use Rigger to create an inverse kinematics chain for each body part. To setup the back, use the Spline IK.

4. Skin the model

5. Hide unnecessary objects

6. Create a selection set of controllers

Name all animation control objects with the suffix "ctrl". Now you can select all the character's controls with a simple Mel-command:

select -r "*_ctrl";

7. Add the possibility to reset the pose of the character

Select all the character's control objects and press Rigger -> Tools -> Save Initial Pose. You can get back to your T-pose with a Mel-command:

string $sel[]= `ls -sl`;
string $each;
for ($each in $sel){
catchQuiet (`dagPose -r -name ($each+"_POSE")`);}

Anunnak Rig Overview

FK/IK/SplineIK Hybrid Rigging Technique



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