Hello. My name is Nikola. I offer 3D character rigging and animation services for animated films, game projects and everything else.

For more than 11 years as a character TD and an animator, I have developed and optimised the animator friendly character setup system Rigger for Autodesk Maya, which allows you to create convenient and versatile character rigs with the ability to quickly change poses while animating. A hundred years ago, this role was played by the ability to draw, and now it is a well-tuned rig, that is, a skeleton and controllers. The recipe for a clever rig is

* Full Body IK / FK. The ability to switch the kinematics of all limbs, including the back in a forward or inverse kinematics (the object moves in an arc or is pinned to a specific point)
* Squashy & Stretchy body parts. A slight stretching while preserving the volume will make the animation more interesting and livelier, and with strong deformations – more cartoony
* Animatable Pivots help to change the behaviour of the rig in accordance with the animation.
* Minimalistic controllers that do not get lost and do not interfere

After setting up a character, I can also create an animation.