Rig Export Converter

Using Rig Export Converter you can exchange animation data and complex character joint rigs between Maya and game engines using FBX. The plugin creates a new copy of the skeleton, which is easily transferred to FBX without glitches. Joint scaling is supported.

Create animation range in Game Exporter first. Then select character’s skinned meshes and export to FBX with one click (Export > Model+Animation Export). There are three automatic export modes (Model, Animation and Model+Animation). To save engine resources, you can export the model and animations in different files. In this case, the animation files will not contain the model itself and will take up less space.

To prepare your rig for manual exporting select a character’s mesh and click Convert. Rig Export Converter will generate a new skeleton for clean exporting. Now select the model with new joints and export the rig and animations with Game Exporter or in another way.