Rigger 2.7.2. Released

Since Selector 1.4.2 has changed the principle of the mirroring and flipping functions, some minor changes have been made to the biped and quadruped templates.

Added: Biped and Quadruped > Translate and Rotate Invert Settings.
Added: Quadruped > Animatable pivot for ‘spine_fk_ctrl’.
Added: Quadruped > Space switch attributes for fk and ik controls.
Modified: Quadruped > Rotation order of leg controls.

Rigger 2.7.2.

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Selector 1.4.2. Released

You can now use the mirroring and flipping features in your rig without changing the orientation of the bones. Global settings for inverting the axes of movement and rotation have been added, as well as the ability to add individual attributes for correct mirroring. For example, if the rotation of the arm is not mirrored correctly, then add the invert rotation attributes and tune the axis. Now the Selector will ignore the global settings for inverting the axes, and will use the created ones.

Added: Invert Translate Settings
Added: Invert Rotate Settings
Added: Buttons ‘Add’ ‘Del’ ‘Show’ ‘Hide’ Mirror Attributes

Selector 1.4.2.

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Selector 1.4.1. Released

Now the rotation spaces can be switched seamlessly. Plus, the Rigger’s Biped Template pose is flipping correctly including the extra red IK Spline controls (since Rigger 2.7.1) .

Added: Seamless ‘Space Switch’ button
Added: Space Switch > Key Offsets menu
Fixed: Biped Template > Mirroring IK Spline extra controls.

Selector 1.4.1.

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Rigger 2.7.1. Released

Added: Biped Template > Added more rotation spaces for IK handles.
Added: Tools > Add Rotation Space. Select two or more objects, then Add Rotation Space.
Fixed: Biped Template > Correct mirroring IK Spline extra controls (use Selector 1.4.1. or above).
Modified: Biped Template > The default Rotate Order of l_arm_ctrl and r_arm _ctrl changed from ZXY on YXZ.

Rigger 2.7.1.

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Rigger 2.6.7. Released

Biped Template: You can scale body parts separately from each other if the biped template was created through the body parts menu in the template settings. You can change the pivot point of each body part group if needed. Click “Connect Bodyparts” and “Finalise” after the skeleton is in place. The old way, when a skeleton is created with connected body parts, also remains via “Create Biped” menu.

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Rigger 2.6.6. Released

Modified: Smart Bind behaviour.
Added: Space switchers for ik handles (Biped Template).
Modified: Reset behaviour. The reset function has been completely rewritten. Now you can return the position of the IK handles to the neutral position during animation.
Modified: ‘Update All Initial Poses’ button replaced to ‘Finalise’ (On the main window).
Modified: ‘Create Character Menu’ button replaced to ‘Reset’ function (On the main window).
Added: Initial Pose > load Initial Pose menu.

Rigger 2.6.6.

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Selector 1.3.5. Released

Changed: Reset. The reset function has been completely rewritten. Now you can return the position of the IK handles to the neutral position during animation.
Added: View > Rotate Settings…

Axis Orientation
Specifies the coordinate system for the Rotate Tool.

(Default) Rotates the object about the object space axes.
Rotates the object about the world space XYZ axes. In this mode the rings never change.

Rotate Center
Lets you rotate object components about the object’s pivot.

Lets you rotate the selected objects about each object’s individual pivot point.

Lets you rotate all selected objects using the manipulator as a pivot point.

Lets you rotate a group of selected objects about the selection’s common center point.

Selector 1.3.5

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