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  1. Is there any demo version for this set ( and where could it be dwnlded ? ) Also, could it be possible to use this system for creatures with more then standard number of limbs, monsters, dragons etc. How freq are updates and if it’s not too much to ask could you explain if you are planning to continue to develop it for some time in the future or is it basically not going to be expanded any more ? ( by this I mean, perhaps facial system etc. ) This seems to be the right way to do rigging but price vise it’s a way to big faith leap without at least a demo version before the purchase. Many thx for ur answers, all best.N.

    1. Hello.

      You can use Rigger for any type of character. Draw a skeleton, create an ik / fk system, add an ikSpline. Rigger was originally created as a tool for professional rigging and auto rig is a nice bonus. But this biped template is exactly what the animator needs. Despite the seeming simplicity, there is something in it that is not in the main auto rigs, this is a quality basis for controlling the whole character, customizable functionality for any type of animation. A character can be very smooth and agile without the problem of counter-animation.

      Updates are happening all the time, I plan to further develop this product as I work on animation projects. New ready-made templates and facial rig – in the queue in the list. All updates come by mailing list. Updates can be found on the news page: If someone finds a bug, I’ll fix it right away.

      The trial version existed, but was outdated. I will keep your words in mind and, if possible, I’ll make a new trial. Thank you.

  2. Hi,
    That looks great, just two questions:
    Any chance to get a version compiled for 2013?
    Is it possible to lock and unlock the stretches?


    1. Hey. Unfortunately, Rigger is only available for Maya, starting with version 2014. If you help me get a trial version of Maya 2013 for your OS and DevKit, then I can compile it for you. What is your OS? It is possible to lock/unlock the stretches.

  3. Hi Pleaes help I am getting the following error

    Error: line 1: Unable to dynamically load : C:/Users/jinu/Documents/maya/2017/plug-ins/rigger.mll
    The specified module could not be found.

    1. Hi. You have probably installed the wrong version of Rigger. Check it in Plug-in Manager. In Maya, select Window > Settings/Preferences > Plug-in Manager to open the Plug-in Manager. Click browse button to load the right plugin version manually. Rigger will appear in the list. Select Loaded to load your plug-in.

    2. Delete your previous version of Rigger and restart Maya.


      1. On a new machine (Windows 7 x64) with brand new installs of Maya 2017 and I get the same error as Jinu M John.
        // Error: line 1: Unable to dynamically load : C:/Users/MyFault/Documents/maya/2017/plug-ins/rigger.mll
        The specified module could not be found.
        I then tried the same with a new install of Maya 2016, using the correct version of the plug-in with a similar issue, unable to dynamically load rigger.mll
        I tried to install Rigger 1.7.5 as the first thing after both installs and neither worked. Both used the correct version of the plugin as well (2017 for 2017 and 2016 for 2016)
        I also tried then doing the browse button to reload the plugin, same issue.
        Any other ideas what could be wrong?

  4. I have a question because I am considering getting this rigging plugin will this auto weight to the geometry and can you do facial rigging with this too? Thenk you again it looks like a great plugin

    1. Hi! Currently there are no special tools for skinning and face rigging. Integrated Maya smooth skinning and new Shape Editor is well suited for that. But the Rigger can make an effective basis for the entire character control.

  5. Hi Nick

    I am a freelance animator, I just bought the Rigger. It will be great if you can provide some tutorials on how to properly use it.

    Thanks for the wonderful script.

    Thank you

    Jinu John

  6. Can i use it demo… or trial before buying…??
    if when i can’t test it, $75 is so expensive.
    Thanks for read and reply to my e-mail please.

  7. а можно получить для теста сгенерированный риг или может есть тестовый простой персонаж сделанный на этом риге, что бы пощупать весь функционал.

    1. Публичных ригов в данный момент нет. Как только появится риг или подробная видео-презентация работы скрипта, я дам знать.

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