Rigger Release History

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  • Added: Biped > Face Template
  • Changed: Biped > spine_fk_ctrl handle shifted for easier selection.
  • Added: Smooth Skin Weights command
  • Added: Face Rigging Tools Face menu
  • Fixed: Face Rigging Tools > Convert Selected Joints to Controllers (Controls shouldn't be marked as Skin Joints)
  • Fixed: Make Joint Hierarchy Dynamics. Now the command doesn't break the original hierarchy.
  • Fixed: Renamer (It caused an error in some cases).
Fixed: Biped Template > Space change warning on spine_ik_ctrl.
Since Selector 1.4.2 has changed the principle of the mirroring and flipping functions, some minor changes have been made to the biped and quadruped templates.

Added: Biped and Quadruped > Translate and Rotate Invert Settings.
Added: Quadruped > Animatable pivot for 'spine_fk_ctrl'.
Added: Quadruped > Space switch attributes for fk and ik controls.
Modified: Quadruped > Rotation order of leg controls.
Added: Biped Template > Added more rotation spaces for IK handles.
Added: Tools > Add Rotation Space. Select two or more objects, then Add Rotation Space.
Fixed: Biped Template > Correct mirroring IK Spline extra controls (use Selector 1.4.1. or above).
Modified: Biped Template > The default Rotate Order of l_arm_ctrl and r_arm _ctrl changed from ZXY on YXZ.
Biped Template: You can scale body parts separately from each other if the biped template was created through the body parts menu in the template settings. You can change the pivot point of each body part group if needed. Click "Connect Bodyparts" and “Finalise” after the skeleton is in place. The old way, when a skeleton is created with connected body parts, also remains via "Create Biped" menu.
  • Modified: Smart Bind behaviour.
  • Added: Space switchers for ik handles (Biped Template).
  • Modified: Reset behaviour. The reset function has been completely rewritten. Now you can return the position of the IK handles to the neutral position during animation.
  • Modified: ‘Update All Initial Poses’ button replaced to ‘Finalise’ (On the main window).
  • Modified: ‘Create Character Menu’ button replaced to ‘Reset’ function (On the main window).
  • Added: Initial Pose > load Initial Pose menu.
After creating the character rig template, some attributes that should not be changed when moving the joints are locked (translate Y and translate Z). After the skeleton is moved to the desired location, press the Finalise button. After that, all attributes will be unlocked and the bind pose will be saved.

  • Fixed: Biped // Don't lock Translate X attribute on guide skeleton.
  • Fixed: Quadruped // Attributes that should not change during the placement of the skeleton guide are locked.
  • Fixed: Finalise // Unlock translate attributes on locked joints.
  • Fixed: Human IK // hikSkeletonUtils.mel line 219: The attribute '.translate' is locked and cannot be disconnected. Press Finalise before using HIK.
  • Fixed: Biped // Error: line 6228: The source attribute 'l_hand_ctrl_quatToEuler.outputRotateX' cannot be found.
  • Fixed: Biped // Warning: Cycle on '*.scale' may not evaluate as expected.
  • Fixed: Biped. Attributes that should not change during the placement of the skeleton guide are locked.
  • Modified: Smart Bind button. When nothing is selected, the Bind Skin Options window opens.
  • Modified: Biped. The menu for creating body parts has been moved to the Template Settings window.
  • Fixed: // Warning: Redeclaration of variable "$numOfJnt"
  • Fixed: // Warning: Redeclaration of variable "$sel"
  • Fixed: Quadruped template now works with Selector (since 1.2.7.)
  • Fixed: Human IK Character Definition (Error: hikCharacterControls­UI.mel line 1314)
  • Added: Face Rigging Tools
  • Added: Automatic HumanIK Definition
  • Added: Dynamic Joints
  • Fixed: Biped Template -> Left leg twisting bug on some windows machines.
  • Fixed: Biped Template -> Bug when the renamer's mode setting is on "Selected".
  • Added: FK Settings -> Hide Joint option for Shape Mode.
  • Changed: Select -> Skin helpers is now toggleable.
  • Added: Some minor improvements.
2.4.9. For Maya 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016.5, 2016, 2015, 2014
Added: Maya 2020 Support
  • Added: Quadruped Template
  • Fixed: Finalise error
  • Added: Smart Bind Skin
  • Added: Bind Skin -> Create Skin Helper
  • Added: Bind Skin -> Show Skin Helpers
  • Added: Bind Skin -> Hide Skin Helpers
  • Added: Rename -> Mark as skinHelper
  • Added: Rename -> Unmark as skinHelper
  • Added: Select -> Skin Helpers
  • Added: Rotation Space Switch for hands, feet, and shoulders.
  • Modified: Biped -> Neck rig
  • Modified: The rotation order of the hands, feet and fingers
  • Modified: Tools -> Group now copies rotation attributes
  • Modified: FK -> Create Shape. When creating a shape, the ‘Shapes’ attribute is created on the main control (‘rig_ctrl’), which turns on and off the display of the shape curves.
  • Added: FK -> Lock Attributes
  • Added: FK -> Unlock Attributes
  • Modified: Last chain bones are now marked as Skin Joints
  • Modified: Biped -> Body part templates can now be scaled via .scale attributes.
  • Fixed: Local rotation mode for the legs.
  • Added: Character Menu -> IK / FK - Seamless Switch
  • Fixed: Character Menu -> Create Character Menu - Menu now works in the referenced file
  • Modified: Biped -> legs - New Foot Setup Method
  • Modified: Biped -> spine - IK twist atribute unlocked
  • Modified: Biped -> arms and legs - New IKSpline twisting method
  • Modified: FK -> Shape - Don't break color atribute
  • Added: Skin Joints -> Add Influence
  • Added: Skin Joints -> Remove Influence
  • Modified: Initial Pose -> Update All Initial Poses - Show number of poses
  • Added: Tools -> Create Skin Joints Select Set

Release for Maya 2019 plus small improvements.

  • Fixed: Installer Bug
  • Fixed: Cleanup > Reset Viewport
  • Added: Select > Geometry
  • Modified: Center of rotation for the lower back of Biped Auto Rig.

After intensive testing, Rigger has become even more convenient. Some bugs have been fixed and useful features added.

Now Rigger is available for Autodesk Maya 2018, 2017, 2016.5, 2016, 2015, 2014.

Added: FK > Create Double Transform Option Menu
Added: IK Spline Settings > Create FK Controllers > Size Slider
Fixed: Biped > Spine IK / FK
Added: Biped > IK Spline Division Levels Settings Window
Fixed: IK Spline on IK/FK chain error in some cases.
Added: Cleanup > Delete Non-Deformer History Option Menu
Added: Cleanup > Reset Viewport Settings Option Menu
Added: Select > Joints Option Menu
Added: minor but important improvements

Since the release of the second version, functions of the plug-in have been expanded, several minor bugs have been fixed, but most importantly – added a template for rigging two-legged characters. I hope you will enjoy.

  • Added: Biped Auto Rig Template;
  • Added: New FK Options (Parent Joint, Hide Joint);
  • Added: New IK Spline Options (Create FK Controllers);
  • Added: 3 IK Solvers (Two-Bone, Multi-Chain, Spring);
  • Fixed: Split Joint Reset Settings;
  • Added: Convert to Geo Group Menu;
  • Added: Select Tip Joints Menu;
  • Various Improvements.

Added: Face Constraint
Initial Release
  • Fixed: Launch error on some Windows machines.
  • Minor improvements.
  • Minimalistic switchable UI.
  • Postfix and initial pose of a control object is added automatically.
  • Spline IK is attached to the IK chain automatically.
  • Orient joint tool is redesigned.
  • Squash & stretch constraint is added.
  • Added a new control type: Bone.
  • 1.7.0
  • New method of twisting Spline IK joints (non flipping solution).
  • Make IK Stretchy menu item added.
  • Save Initial Pose & Delete Initial Pose menu items added.
  • Extended UI.
  • Colors window for quick Drawing Overrides added.
  • Create Select Set function added.
  • All effector’s attributes are locked by default.
  • Settings not saving fixed.
  • Duplicate Joint function added.
  • Freeze Transformations menu item added.
  • Split Joints and Rename windows rebuild.
  • Settings: Group Postfix & Controller Postfix added.
  • Deform menu item added.
  • Constrain options added (FK Settings).
  • Center Pivot to World menu item added.
  • Group function added.
  • IK & FK color chooser fixed.
  • 1.5.7
  • 'Find joints with non zero rotations' function added.
  • 'Split Joint' function now works on every bone selected.
  • Automatic 'connect2ikfk' (for ik system).
  • 'Skeleton', 'Skin' and 'Constrain' menus rebuild.
  • FK button works as 'Joint Tool' (when nothing selected).
  • Scale X,Y and Z can be disconnected separately from stretchy ik system.
  • 1.5.1
    Minor improvements
    Optimized for Maya 2016.5
    Online Help Added
    Maya 2014 error fix
    First public release