Rigger 2.8.5. Released

  • Fixed: “Trasfer Skin Helper influences to parents” now properly works with multiple selection.
  • Fixed: Smart Bind Options window > Many objects now fit in the window.
  • Added: “Trasfer Skin Helper influences to parents” > Delete Skin Helpers option.
  • Added: Biped > Extra spaces on feet and toes. Now you can create the “classic” foot behavior without creating a master control.
  • Modified: “Mark as Skin Helper” moved to Skin Helpers menu.
  • Fixed: Mark as Right > When using the command, the selection is saved.
  • Added: When using a Smart Bind, the recommended settings for the bind are automatically set.
  • Modified: When selecting bones and using a Smart Bind, the Closest Distance bind method is automatically used. Objects are not saved to the Smart Bind list. Therefore, you can quickly skin objects to the selected bones and not break the main skinning set.
  • Added: ikSpline > Add Middle Controller options window. Now you can split the IKSpline into any number of controllers. Check the Rebuild curve checkbox to increase the resolution of the curve.

Rigger 2.9.2.

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