Rigger 2.8.6. released

  • Added: A new way to rotate IKSpline controls that eliminates the gimball lock problem. This has already been implemented in the Biped Template, and now it is automatically done when creating the IKSpline.
  • Modified: Biped Template > In order not to break the neck rig when placing the skeleton, the attributes of the neck and head are locked. Use the neck_ctrl_grp group handle to move and scale the neck and head. After clicking Finalize, the neck and head attributes are unlocked back.
  • Modified: Biped Template > Create Bodyparts: Body parts are automatically moved to the back, keeping its scale.
  • Added: IKSpline > Rebuild Curve menu command.
  • Added: When creating a root group, the number of the current Rigger version is saved in the notes.
  • Modified: Tip joints are hidden after pressing Finalize.
  • Fixed: Biped Template > IKSpline joints orientation of the top joints of the legs.

Rigger 2.9.2.

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