for Autodesk Maya


Start animating your 3D characters and objects by equipping them with versatile and powerfull rig for Autodesk Maya. Whether your character is in the air or on the ground, the animation-ready rig provides the animator with handy tools and behaviors. The rigging process in this case looks like this: place the template skeleton inside your character and press the Finalise and the Smart Bind button. Perfect for Keyframe Animation and Motion Capture editing.

Custom Rigs.


Minimalistic X-Ray Controllers

The hierarchy of controls looks clear and clean even in complex rigs. This approach works even where standard NURBS controls fail.

Advanced IK Control

Right click on any bone and turn on IK mode. The limb is controlled by a single IK handle. Press T to access advanced options. You can now change the twist and pole vector attributes. Move the Pole Vector’s manipulator in the desired direction to fix the limb. Now the knee or elbow will be rigidly tied. These instruments are available for every limb, including the head and feet.

Custom Animatable Rotation Pivots

Change the behavior of the controller by changing the center of rotation.

Full Body IK / FK / IKSpline

Each body part is made up of FK, IK and IKSpline. FK allows you to control the limb with rotation, IK – with the help of movement, and IKSpline makes deformations smooth. Such modules are created by pressing a couple of buttons and are already configured in ready-to-animate templates.

Limb rotation modes

For different animations, different modes of rotation of the limbs will be suitable. For example, it makes no sense to keep the foot horizontal all the time if the character is in the air. To do this, you can switch the rotation mode of the foot and get more natural movements.

Seamless IK / FK

A must have for any decent rig.

Seamless Space Switching

Spaces of rotation allow you to customize the behavior of a limb when the parent object rotates. With seamless switching, the position of body parts is preserved.

Soft twisting of the limbs

The deformation of the rig occurs smoothly thanks to the built-in IK SPline.

Mirroring and Flipping poses

You can mirror and flip poses. Provide your animators with a free Selector script or create a character control menu right in the rig scene.

Stretchy IK / FK/ IK Spline / Ribbon

Stretching allows you to make the animation more cartoonish. Select any IK handle and create an automatic stretch using the “Make IK Stretchy” command.

Simple skinning with Skin Helpers and Smart Bind

Skinning a character with Skin Helpers allows you to avoid painting weights, and achieve good deformation with additional joints. If you need to change the geometry of the character or change the position of the skeleton in the future, then the re-skinning process is just one click of the Smart Bind button.

Motion Capture Support

Edit Motion Capture Animations using all the power of the Rigger.

Saved scenes do not require external plugins

Rigger uses Maya’s built-in nodes, so animators don’t need to install any plugins.

Export to game engines using FBX

Any rig can be properly exported to FBX with Rig Export Converter that comes with Rigger. No matter how complex your rig is, this plugin creates a new copy to export correctly.

Suitable for any characters and objects

With Rigger, you can rig any character or object in any pose, symmetrical or asymmetrical.