Rigger includes the most essential tools for fast and efficient 3d character setup in Autodesk Maya. Create custom rigs or use auto rigging templates.

  • ▪ Minimalistic X-Ray Controllers
  • ▪ Seamless IK / FK and Rotation Space Switching
  • ▪ Stretchy FK / IK / IK Spline / Ribbon
  • ▪ Animatable Pivots
  • ▪ Simple skinning with Skin Helpers and Smart Bind
  • ▪ Face Rigging Tools
  • ▪ Motion Capture and FBX Support
  • ▪ Saved scenes do not require external plugins

Extra Tools

Keyboard Shortcuts for efficient rigging and animating in Maya.

Universal character picker.

Exchange complex character rigs and animations between Maya and game engines using FBX.