Keyboard Shortcuts for efficient rigging and animating

More than 40 custom commands for effective character rigging and animating. You can assign any hotkeys for commands or use the whole hotkey set. It will override Maya’s default hotkeys. Windows > Settings/Preferences > Hotkey Editor.

* The commands work without installing third-party plugins.
* Hotkeys come with RIGGER.



F1 – Channel Box Toggle (ws_channelBoxTGL)
F2 – Attribute Editor Toggle (ws_attributeEditorTGL)
F3 – Tool Settings Toggle (ws_toolSettingsTGL)
F4 – Show Outlilner (ws_outliner)

F5 – Sets your project path based on your currently open scene (ws_projectDetect)
F6 – Wireframe (ws_wireframe_TGL)
F7 – Wireframe On Shaded Toggle (ws_wireframeOnShaded)
F8 – Switch between Object selection and last Component selection (SelectToggleMode)

F9 – Change your animation playback speed to 100% (ws_SpeedNormal)
F10 – Change your animation playback speed to 50% (ws_speedQuarter)
F11 – Change your animation playback speed to 25% (ws_speedHalf)
F12 – Set and save Maya preferences (PreferencesWindow)

1 – Joints Toggle (ws_jointsTGL)
2 – Handles Toggle (ws_handlesTGL)
3 – Nurbs Toggle (ws_nurbsTGL)
4 – Geometry Toggle (ws_geometryTGL)
5 – Blend Shape Editor (ws_blendShapeWindow)
6 – Enter Maya Embedded Language (MEL) commands (ScriptEditor)
7 – Graph Editor (ws_graphEditorTGL)
8 – Make connections between object attributes (ConnectionEditor)
9 – Edit deformer set membership (DeformerSetEditor)
0 – Display and edit connections in shading networks (HypershadeWindow)
– Display and edit relationships among nodes in your scene (NodeEditorWindow)
= – Paint weights on smooth bound skins (ArtPaintSkinWeightsTool)

Q – Select tool (SelectTool)
W – Select object(s) or component(s) to move (MoveTool)
E – Select object(s) or component(s) to rotate (RotateTool)
R – Select object(s) or component(s) to scale (ScaleTool)
T – Show manipulator tool (ShowManipulators)
Y – Game Fbx Exporter (ws_gameFbxExporter)
U – Hud Toggle (ws_hudTGL)
I – Toggle isolate select in active panel (ToggleIsolateSelect)
O – Open a scene (OpenScene)
P – Parent the selected object(s) to the last selected object (Parent)
[ – Remove Inbetween (ws_removeInbetween)
] – Add Inbetween (ws_addInbetween)

A – Select All Controls (ws_selectAllCtrls)
S – Select object(s) to key (SetKey)
D – Select hierarchy (SelectHierarchy)
F – Fit selection in active panel (FrameSelected)
G – Toggle the grid visibility (ToggleGrid)
H – Visibility Toggle (ws_visibilityTGL)
J – Click to place joint, click on existing joint to add to skeleton, click/drag to position joint (JointTool)
K – Activate virtual Time Slider (TimeDraggerToolActivate)
L – Lights Toggle (ws_lightsTGL)
; – Display rendering image (RenderViewWindow)
\ – Count Objects (ws_countObjects)

Z – Undo the last action (Undo)
X – Toggle local rotation axis visibility (ToggleLocalRotationAxes)
C – Go to min frame (GoToMinFrame)
V – Toggle playback On/Off (ws_play)
N – Create a new scene (NewScene)
M – Open a command shell window to enter MEL commands one line at a time (CommandShell)
, – Go to previous key (PreviousKey)
. – Go to next key (NextKey)
/ – Set playback range start and end accordingly keys on selection (ws_setTimeRangeMinMax)

ALT + F1 – Autodesk Maya Help
ALT + F6 – Default Lightning Toggle (dR_defLightTGL)
ALT + F7 – Wireframe Toggle (ws_wireframeTGL)

ALT + 1 – Perspective Cam (dR_viewPersp)
ALT + 2 – Front Cam (dR_viewFront)
ALT + 3 – Right Cam (dR_viewRight)
ALT + 4 – Top Cam (dR_viewTop)
ALT + 5 – Create, edit and manager pose space deformations (PoseEditor)

ALT + Q – Seamless IK/FK (ws_ikfk)
ALT + W – Move IK handle to FK joint location: select an IK handle or IK/FK connected object. (MoveIKtoFK)
ALT + R – Edit the references for the current scene (ReferenceEditor)
ALT + P – Set Surface Pick Mask Toggle (ws_surfacePickMaskTGL)
ALT + E – Select a joint to orient (ws_orientJoint)

ALT + A – Toggle between FK and IK mode for current selection (ToggleFkIk)
ALT + S – Select object(s) for which to set a breakdown key (maintains a proportional relationship with adjacent keys) (SetBreakdownKey)
ALT + D – Custom Pivot Tool (dR_customPivotTool)
ALT + J – Select Skinned Joints (ws_selectSkinnedJoints)
ALT + ; – Change rendering attributes (RenderGlobalsWindow)

ALT + X – X Ray Joints Toggle (ws_xRayJointsTGL)
ALT + C – Toggle snap to point (SnapToPoint)
ALT + V – Toggle snap to grid (SnapToGrid)
ALT + B – Cycle the background color from dark to light (CycleBackgroundColor)
ALT + , – Move backward one frame in time (PreviousFrame)
ALT + . – Move forward one frame in time (NextFrame)

CMD + I – Add the file to the current scene (Import)

CTRL + I – Point constraint options (PointConstraintOptions)
CTRL + O – Orient constraint options (OrientConstraintOptions)
CTRL + P – Parent constraint options (ParentConstraintOptions)

CTRL + S – Save the current scene (SaveScene)
CTRL + D – Duplicate the selected object(s) (Duplicate)
CTRL + G – Group the selected object(s) (Group)

CTRL + ALT + S – Color Code Keyframe
CTRL + SHIFT + S – Increment the current file name by one, save the file with this new name and keep it open. The original file will be unchanged. (IncrementAndSave)

SHIFT + F1 – Execute Rigger Plugin (ws_riggerStart)
SHIFT + F2 – Execute Selector Plugin (ws_selector)
SHIFT + F3 – Execute Rig Export Converter Plugin (ws_RigExportConverter)

SHIFT + F9 – Create, edit and save hotkeys (HotkeyPreferencesWindow)
SHIFT + F12 – Load or automatically load plug-ins (PluginManager)

SHIFT + 1 – Low quality display setting (LowQualityDisplay)
SHIFT + 2 – High quality display setting (HighQualityDisplay)

SHIFT + A – Toggle the shelf on/off (ToggleShelf)
SHIFT + Q – Reset Pose (ws_reset)
SHIFT + W – Reset Translate (ws_resetTranslate)
SHIFT + E – Reset Rotate ws_resetRotate
SHIFT + R – Reset Scale ws_ResetScale
SHIFT + P – Unparent the selected object(s) (Unparent)
SHIFT + S – Delete Key (ws_timeSliderClearKey)
SHIFT + Z – Redo the last undone action (Redo)
SHIFT + , – Shrink the selected region along the polygon surface (ShrinkPolygonSelectionRegion)
SHIFT + . – Grow the selected region along the polygon surface (GrowPolygonSelectionRegion)